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Our Mobilators for flat bed and rotary die handling are ideal solutions when you want to increase safety and efficiency during setup. Specifically, they make it possible for one operator to change cutting dies single-handedly. In addition, they will also help you comply with today’s health and safety regulations, because almost all formats of cutting dies exceed the maximum weight that a single operator is allowed to carry. The Mobilators consist of innovative crane systems that are adapted to the customers’ requirements. Moreover, the operators can easily handle the cutting dies manually or with a remote control.     


Increased productivity

One operator can change dies single-handedly.

Increase health and safety standards

Avoid heavy lifting and other safety concerns.

Easy and efficient handling

Use the mobilator to place the cutting dies.

Extend the lifespan of your cutting dies.

Avoid expensive damage to the cutting dies during setup.

Features & Benefits

Flat bed die Mobilator

  • Suitable for all flat bed die cutting machines.
  • Standard configuration.
  • Suitable for handling both cutting and stripping dies.
  • Easy to place the flat bed dies on the turn table.

Rotary die Mobilator

  • Suitable for rotary die cutting machines.
  • Adapted to fit individual cutting machines.
  • Easy to place the rotary dies on the cylinder.

Need more information?

Please contact us for more information on the ideal Mobilator setup for your factory.  

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