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A mezzanine elevator is the ideal solution when you need to transport cutting dies, flexo stereos or printing sleeves between floors in the factory. The elevator ensures easy, safe and efficient transport of tools between storage and production. Specifically, the elevator only runs when all the doors are closed and the trolley is locked.   


Increase production efficiency

Efficient transport of tools between floors.

Increase health and safety standards

Safe transport of tools between floors.

Extend the lifespan of your tools

Avoid expensive damage to your tools during transport.

Versatile transport between floors

Can transport both cutting dies, flexo stereos and printing sleeves.

Features & Benefits

Common for all the mezzanine elevators

  • Only runs when all doors are closed.
  • Special trolley lock ensures safe operation.
  • User-friendly handling and easy to learn new operators.
  • Transports all types of cutting dies, flexo stereos and printing sleeves.

Need more information?

Please contact us to get more knowledge about how your factory can benefit from a mezzanine elevator.    

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