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The best print quality is obtained through well-maintained stereos. The CleanFlex is a fully automatic washing machine for stereos in both big and small formats. It outperforms manual stereo cleaning, because it thoroughly cleans both the stereo’s frontside and backside by applying an optimal cleaning pressure and rinsing flow through a combination of rotating brushes, water, soap and anti-foam. In the end, it also blow-dries the stereos, so they can be stored right away. The CleanFlex is a must-have if you want to take care of your flexo stereos, because the cleaning process yields the best results every time.


Easy, efficient and reliable operation

The flexo stereos are cleaned and dryed automatically.

Environmentally friendly

Water, soap and anti-foam is filtered and reused several times.

Maintain high print quality in the long run.

Thorough cleaning of the stereo's front and backside.

Low maintenance

The machine is designed to require minimum maintenance.

Features & Benefits

Common for fully automatic flexo stereo cleaning

  • Low noise level below 80 dB.
  • Twice as fast as manual washing.
  • Minimal consumption of water and energy.
  • Fast and efficient cleaning with easy setup.
  • Can handle both small and large flexo stereos.
  • User-friendly handling and easy to teach new operators.

Need more information?

Please contact us to get more knowledge about how your factory can benefit from fully automatic flexo stereo cleaning.    

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