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The double rack storage is the most versatile and user-friendly manual storage, because it is easily customisable and can handle both flat bed and rotary dies with an optional attachable gripper. The system consists of a robust rack that holds our foldable or welded cassettes, which can contain your entire production set of flat bed dies. They ensure safe, simple and efficient storage and handling of the flat bed die sets. Specifically, they protect the flat bed dies’ knives and rubber during storage and transport, while ensuring a free water flow through the storage in the event of fire. In addition, the system uses a technology-driven gantry crane, which can spin 360 degrees around its own axes without restrictions, to easily transport the flat bed die sets between the storage and the trolleys. It is based on 20 years of engineering experience and constructed of parts that are carefully chosen to ensure maximum durability. 


Most versatile storage

Can handle flat bed and rotary die sets in the same storage.

Maximise your storage capacity

Can store the maximum number of dies per square meter.


Easy to add new functions, extra cameras and safety upgrades.

Efficient and safe handling of cutting dies

User-friendly handling with technology-driven gantry crane.

Features & benefits

Common for all flat bed die storages

  • Modular storage for flat bed dies.
  • Possible to extend the storage for future needs.
  • Extend the lifespan of your flat bed dies.
  • Avoid downtime by keeping your flat bed dies protected.
  • Increase production efficiency.
  • Easy access to all flat bed dies.
  • Minimise maintenance costs.
  • Increase health and safety standards - avoid heavy lifting.
  • Safe and easy handling of flat bed dies.
  • Increase storage capacity without using additional square meters.
  • User-friendly handling and easy to teach new operators.

Special for the double rack storage

  • Possible to have both stereos and cutting dies in the same storage.
  • Maximum number of cutting dies per square meter.
  • Possible to setup the storage with a narrow aisle.
  • Capable of having up to 10-meter-tall racks.
  • Safety features that minimise the risk of accidents.
  • The most user-friendly manual storage.
  • Can handle flat bed and rotary dies with an optional attachable gripper.
  • Control panel with cameras and sensors to efficiently store and handle the dies.

Complementary products

When the customers order a flat bed die storage, they are also interested in the products listed below.    

Transport trolleys

Steel sheet cladding


Information needed to make a quote

Please specify the height, width and length of the area in the factory, where you want to locate the storage.  

Please specify if there are any objects on the floor or hanging from the walls and ceiling such as doors, machines, lights and ventilation systems that we need to take into account. 

Please specify the number of flat bed dies that need to be stored and their dimensions or the machine’s name.  

Please specify if we need to take any external factors into account such as the type of earthquake certification.   

Please specify if you need any of our complementary products. 

Need more information?

Please contact us to get ideas and knowledge about how to construct the optimal storage for your factory.  

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