Safety and tool handling are key

VPK Group optimised its Raamsdonksveer factory’s safety and efficiency with new flat bed die handling solution from bcm transtech.

Over the years, the international packaging company, VPK Group, has invested heavily in cutting-edge technology and production equipment to optimise its Raamsdonksveer factory, so that it can keep up with the growing customer demand for short-term deliveries and enhanced quality of finished goods.


Besides improving its factory’s efficiency, the company also focuses on the health and safety standards for its operators. The combination of wanting to optimise the operators’ safety and efficiency paved the way for a new flat bed die handling solution, so the operators could be relieved from heavy lifting when placing the heavy flat bed dies on the preparation table by hand during setup of the converting machine. “Health and safety concerns are very important to us, so we contacted our long-term business partner, bcm transtech,” explains Renato Mediati, Technical Manager at VPK Raamsdonksveer. “We have previously experienced how their storage solutions for flat bed dies and flexo stereos optimised our storage process, so we were confident that they could come up with the optimal solution to fulfil our cutting die handling needs.”


In order to fulfil the cutting die handling needs, bcm transtech designed, manufactured and installed a flat bed die Mobilator, which consists of a modified jib crane that is mounted to the factory’s concrete floor. It required minimum floor space and was constructed to fit the factory’s layout, so that it is easy, safe and efficient for the operators to handle the flat bed dies between the transport trolley and the converting machine.

“Our Mobilator can easily be connected to the threaded insert in the cutting and stripping tools and lifted via a wireless remote control for optimal operator comfort,” explains Torben Christiansen, CEO at bcm transtech. “Specifically, the operator has complete control over the process of changing flat bed dies, because they can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically, as well as being locked in a horizontal or vertical position, so that it is easy, efficient and user-friendly to change flat bed dies.”


The new Mobilator optimised the health and safety standards by making it possible for one operator to change the heaviest cutting and stripping tools single-handedly without heavy lifting. In addition, the factory benefited from a decreased risk of accidents and damage to the flat bed dies and the operators, as well as increased workplace efficiency, because the process of changing heavy flat bed dies no longer required multiple operators.

“We have been very pleased with the project from design to installation. Especially, bcm transtech’s abilities, experience and knowhow have been valuable assets in delivering the optimal solution for our needs. The Mobilator was delivered on time and customised to fit our requirements. We have been so satisfied with it that we have decided to order one more,” concludes Mediati.

“The Mobilator has optimised our health and safety standards by making it possible for one operator to safely and efficiently change the heaviest cutting and stripping tools single-handedly without breaking the health and safety regulations for heavy lifting.”

Renato Mediati, Technical Manager at VPK

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